Logo Design: The Symbol Or Text? Which One Is Better?

There are several kinds of logos and selecting an appropriate logo for your company can be a hard decision. Would you use a mascot or a word or an icon to create your logo design? Which type of logo is representing and beneficial for your organization? A logo which uses a word to showcase the brand is known as a wordmark. A logo design which makes use of a sign/ symbol to represent the brand name is called a icon or illustrative logo. Allow us to compare the differences between the two.

The Word OR The Symbol


Still can not pick from a word-mark or icon logo? You could have the most effective of both worlds! When we combine words with the icon, we get a combination mark. A mix mark inherits both the strengths of the word-mark and the icon. This is the reason why most organizations favor making use of a combination mark as their logo design. Having stated that, the legendary sign still has a higher memorability as compared to the combination logos.

Consider Brand Future

Due to the fact that a brand name is a living entity which is enriched or undermined cumulatively with time, there is no easy method to branding. The effective brand names you see today have gone through consistent brand name evaluation, rearranging or perhaps re-branding. Think about huge brand names like Facebook and Nike. The powerful and also remarkable renowned icons you see currently, are the fruits of their branding efforts. They did not make use of renowned signs as logos to represent their brand names since the first day of their businesses. If you had actually followed their brand name developments, you would have seen these huge brand names utilize mix marks as logos at some time of time in the brand’s trip! This is brand succession where a much better sort of logo is identified as well as established to assume the role of the brand-mark for a business.