Online Internship in Digital Marketing with DigitalDeepak

Getting the feeling of going back to school today and doing assignments after such a long time for an internship program that is supposed to change the way I think of digital marketing. Having been in the field of graphic designing and branding for more than seven years now, I had a pretty good idea about the field of digital marketing and how companies and individuals are using digital marketing to market themselves online. But digital marketing is so much more than offline marketing in the 21st century. How intelligently people are using it to launch themselves or their brands online, people are exploring new careers, helping out with paid online services, artists, and creative people showcasing their craft online and having a huge fan following, etc. Digital marketing has become a whole new career in itself, which is evolving every second of every day, and if someone can become an expert in this field, then the sky is just the limit – business and career-wise – both.

I joined the 2nd batch of Digital Marketing Internship by Deepak Kanakaraju aka DigitalDeepak in February 2020. I was already aware of this course and the tools that are used for DM, but my reason for joining this course was to understand how I can use all the tools ‘collectively’ to market brands. Sure we can market on FB separately and integrate with Instagram. Use LinkedIn to reach out to professionals. Youtube for helping out artists and companies reach more people and have a fan following since people are more attracted to videos these days. But when you are working with brands and big companies, you need to use all the online mediums collectively if you want to make a huge impact using your marketing strategy.

Although it has been only one class, I can already see that this course is helping a lot of people come out of their comfort zone and learning about the field of digital marketing from one of the top experts in this field in India. I am feeling very proud that more people are trying to learn DM and make a career in this field.

So to proceed with the assignment, I am supposed to discuss in a blog post what I have understood in the first class of Digital marketing internship. So here goes..

  • I was truly impressed by how Deepak sir motivated everyone to start thinking big and start making goals. So the first thing he asked us to do was write our goals on a piece of paper.
  • To become a successful digital marketer online, you first have to become a successful marketer offline.
  • If you want to become a successful marketer, you need to understand how human psychology works
  • How to communicate, how you sell, develop the skill to convince people, and become a good marketer.
  • The ever-expanding market – Finding a niche in the huge market. He advised to find a niche is three categories – health, wealth and relationship
graphic designer showing human psychology
Marketing is all about understanding three things, 1) Human psychology, 2) Selling skills and 3) Communication skills

Secret Skills of a Succesful Digital Marketer:

Communication: Who is a good salesman? A person who can convince us to buy something which we thought we dint need. Once I was shopping for myself in the market and a boy in his teens came running towards me to sell some pens. He must be school going and working with an NGO. I told him that I didn’t need them and how I don’t write anything on paper anymore and use my phone to take notes. But still, within 15 minutes, he sold me a set of 10 pens by explaining to me (in English) how those pens would help me in case of emergency and how those pens were a necessity during important meetings. Of course, I was laughing at the way he was trying to convince me that my career depended on those pens, but his communication skills and reasoning skills were so impressive that I bought those pens from him.

I completely agree with Deepak sir, that communication skills are key, whether you are selling a pen or a brand online or offline.

Tips provided by Deepak sir to improve communication skills:

  • read books, comics, etc
  • watch English movies or sitcoms
  • listen to podcasts
  • write at least 1-2 article every week
communication is the key for branding services.

How to do market research

Deepak sir explained how to understand market demand & how to do market demand research for any niche online.

Google Auto Suggest –  Search your query in google search & check the demand for it using tools like & You can also search for topics that we can write articles about and what people want to read.

What we need to understand about global business economics?

Deepak sir clarified why global business economics is essential to understand for a marketing professional. He asked how many people are in debt. And after a quick survey, 68% of people attending the session owe money in some way. He explained how debts create money. Deflation takes place when people start paying. It’s a continuous story even though recision comes as human demands will certainly never stop. He suggested the movie ‘Big Short’ which dealt with the financial crisis; individuals constantly spend money, so even if recision comes, companies will still exist and how they are making themselves recession-proof.

Importance of Personal Branding

Personal branding is the best way that makes you stand out from the crowd. He suggested ways to share or express ourselves on social media platforms.

personal branding and digital marketing
  • How not to panic about negativity online
  • Write your views in a unique way
  • Stand out from the crowd by giving your ideas and suggestions in a unique way
  • Same content but writing it in a different manner

Digital Marketing Strategy of DigitalDeepak:

  • Branding: Blogs, free/ paid courses, sharing ideas and tips
  • Audience Network: Building email list, followers, collecting phone numbers
  • Engagement: After building the audience, engage them with unique content. Once people start coming to your website, keep them engaged by offering them free courses and something new every time.
  • Revenue Strategy
integrated digital marketing

That was a brief overview of the first class and what we learned. A truly informative and engaging first class of the digital marketing internship. I am very happy about my decision to join this program and looking forward to the next class already.